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Skipping Meals

In order to lose weight, we must cut calories from our diet. Does this mean that skipping meals and cutting even more calories can help us lose weight even faster?

Consistently skipping meals will lead to a low metabolism and will cause you to gain fat. In many cases you’ll be famished and end up overeating at the next meal.
Your metabolism is the process that’s responsible for burning fuel and keeping the body in proper working order. When your body gets food it typically digests it quickly. This time is desired by people who are trying to lose weight because the body is using fat stores to burn the food that has been digested. However, after the food has been digested, the metabolism goes into a kind of “sleep mode.” This means that the body is not burning as many calories. The longer you wait between meals the more time your body will be in this sleep mode and the fewer calories you will burn. Eventually, if you chronically skip meals, your body will get used to being inactive, and it will slow to a crawl, resulting in significant weight gain.

Focus on eating high quality whole foods that will keep your blood sugar stable. Space your meals and snacks approximately 3 hours apart. This will have a positive effect on your hormones which will lead to a consistently strong metabolism. Your body will burn fat more efficiently and you will maintain lean muscles. Remember, you can’t starve a fat cell.

Preparation and always being ready no matter what the situation is the key to eating enough food to sustain a healthy metabolic rate and shrink your fat cells. The key to avoiding skipping meals is planning, preparation, and an excellent program!