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Body Composition is More Than Just Your Weight

Body weight alone (what the scale says) is not a definitive assessment of body composition.  Even after losing weight, you might still have too much body fat.  Just because you look thin doesn’t mean that you are healthy!

This occurs when the weight you lose comes predominantly from muscle and not from fat – producing an unhealthy body composition.  Having excess fat on the inside but looking normal on the outside may result in disease risks that are similar to those who appear overtly overweight.  Where fat accumulates also impacts the degree of risk.  Excess fat that is concentrated near the waist – a condition generally referred to as central adiposity or an “apple” shape, greatly increases the risk of disease.

There is no single cause of an unhealthy body composition.  Excessive fat accumulation can result from an imbalance between the calories your take in and the calories your burn; lack of physical activity; lifestyle influences such as a high fat, high sugar diet; overeating; excess alcohol intake; chronic use of corticosteroids; hormone imbalance; and other metabolic factors.  The First Line Therapy Program has the clinical evidence of its effectiveness.

We focus on a healthy body composition not just the number on the scale.