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How to Identify “Hidden” Sweeteners

The ingredient list often shows sugar in a variety of forms in processed foods.  Knowing how to read the ingredient list is helpful since ingredients are listed in descending order by weight from most to least.  Make sure that those ingredients you want more of (such as whole grains) are listed first and that those you want less of are toward the end of the list.

Some common names for added sweeteners include:

Brown Sugar                                                      Agave Nectar                                     Maltitol

Can Sugar                                                            Fruit Juice Concentrates               Xylitol

Corn Syrup                                                          Glucose                                              Molasses

Dextrose                                                              High-Fructose Corn Syrup            Maple Syrup

Evaporated Cane Juice                                   Honey                                                   Sucrose

Fructose                                                               Lactose