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The Body Transformation Program Is A Step By Step In Depth Personal Weight Loss Program

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Body Transformation & Wellness Programs


Need help losing 10 – 15 pounds? This program is designed to get you those results! 75 Minute Initial Consultation, 5 weekly 30 minute follow ups to monitor your progress. Your food logs will be reviewed and discussed in detail. Weigh ins and BIA (Bio-Electrical Impedance Analysis) will be done throughout the program. Quick, tasty and healthy recipes are provided.


This package is great for those who are interested in improving their existing diet. You will learn about what foods are important to overall health and what foods you should reduce or eliminate. An initial 75 minute consultation will be scheduled where a complete personal and medical history is obtained, diet, supplement and lifestyle recommendations will be provided. A Body Composition test will be completed, quick, tasty and healthy recipes are provided. A 45 minute follow up appointment will be scheduled within 30 days to review your progress and complete a Body Composition test.

Detoxification Program

This 10 day clinically evaluated metabolic detoxification program includes a menu plan and science based nutritional support. A 30 minute initial consultation is scheduled to review the program in detail and Body Composition test. A 30 minute follow up is scheduled to review your results, this includes an additional Body Composition test.


Designed for those of you who are interested in cancer prevention or who have been diagnosed with cancer. A customized dietary program will be created based on your individual needs. You will learn about what foods are important to support and heal the body, supplement and lifestyle recommendations are also included. An initial 90 minute consultation will be scheduled, a complete personal and medical history will be obtained. We will discuss nutritional, environmental, lifestyle and emotional health. All of these factors are critical in the prevention and healing of your body throughout your journey. Three 30 minute follow up appointments will be scheduled to monitor your progress.


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Did you know that Nutrition Consultations may be covered under your health care benefits plan?

Many people are unaware of this so please check with your health care provider. My designation is C.H.N.

With The Body Transformation & Wellness Programs I Will…

1. Educate you on the how to lose weight and keep it off.

Graduate of The Canadian School of Natural Nutrition with a diploma in Natural Nutrition. Approximately 1200 hours of training. CSNN is the largest & leading school in Canada for Holistic Nutrition. Designation – C.H.N.

Belong to the professional organization CANNP – The Canadian Association of Natural Nutritional Practitioners.
Certified First Line Therapy practitioner, Certified Level I Life Coach, Level I & II Emotional Freedom Technique., C.H.C.P. Certified Holistic Cancer Practitioner, Edison Institute of Nutrition.

Passionate about health and nutrition for over 20 years.

2. Prepare you internally to ensure your emotional state does not sabotage your results.

Virtually everyone today lives with some form of stress. And yet most people don’t realize how profoundly stress can affect their health. It may be one of the main reasons you’re unable to reach your ideal weight loss. No one can avoid stress completely but I will teach you proven stress management techniques.

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Juice Plus+

Juice Plus+ is whole food based nutrition, including juice powder concentrates from 30 different fruits, vegetables and grains, enhancing a healthy diet. Juice Plus+ helps bridge the nutrient gap between what you should eat and what you do eat every day. Not a multivitamin, treatment or cure for any disease, Juice Plus+ is made from quality ingredients carefully monitored from farm to capsule to provide natural nutrients your body needs to be at its best.