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Client Testimonials

I just wanted to share how my 10 day cleanse with Shari has helped me. I was having stomach issues, bloating and lots of gas. I was not sleeping well, waking up numerous times in the night. I had hardly any energy. After my 10 day cleanse, I was feeling better than I have felt in years! I have had no stomach issues, did not have gas the whole 10 days and after. I was sleeping better and I had so much more energy. Thank you Shari for everything, I’m eating healthier and feel so much better! 🙂

-Melody Sharuga

“My experience with Shari was great. I needed a plan that would work and be flexible. She was fair but also straight forward as to what needed to happen and change with my diet and lifestyle. I have tried different plans but this one clicked for me. “Forced Discipline” is how would describe her coaching. It’s not easy to change your diet but so many people need to. A great mix of science, real life and a great plan makes Shari’s coaching so great. So far I am down 22 pounds with 10 more to go, my body fat is down and I feel way better. I am very busy with my job but with this program I have made some changes that have stuck and I still can enjoy eating out.”

-Kelly Kirch

“For a long time my goal was to lose about 10 pounds. After 6 months of personal training at the gym and thinking I was eating better, I still didn’t have the results I wanted and felt like I was even gaining weight. I decided to start the 6 week program with Shari and it was incredible how a little bit of discipline and proper meal planning made me achieve my goal. Not only was the program easy to follow, it also helped me getting a better understanding of certain foods. I want to thank Shari for all her help and support.”

Jasmin O.

“If you’re looking for genuine results and to make positive changes in your life, look no further. I’ve been meeting with Shari since mid-March. With Shari’s support I have dropped 20lbs of fat, so far, and I’m well on my way to completely changing my physique.

Shari helped me by fine tuning my nutrition without being on a diet. Now I feel less fatigued and I have more energy at work, to enjoy time with my wife and to play with my children. Shari’s expertise coupled with my own self-discipline has enabled me to accomplish my goals and greatly improve my confidence. Thank you!”

Rob Smith

“There I was 24 years old and at the heaviest weight I’d ever been in my life! I was unhappy with how I looked and how I felt. I knew that I had to make a change and do something different than the diets I had tried before. With Shari’s knowledgeable coaching, I made a change in my nutrition choices. 14 months later I am down a total of 96 lbs. The change has become part of my daily life and routine! It’s not a diet – it’s a lifestyle change! I feel so much healthier and confident inside and out. I would highly recommend Shari to anyone who has been thinking about making a healthy change in their life.”

– Sarah O’Neill


“In February 2014, I decided it was time to lose the extra 55 pounds I had been carrying around for too long. I decided to work with Shari Anticknap and let her educate about me about her weight loss program. After seven weeks I lost 12 pounds and gained a fair bit of muscle weight. I felt much more energized and more attractive. Over Easter I traveled to Switzerland to see my family. It is tradition to have a good meal, wine and good conversation. Therefore I was invited for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I decided to eat what was offered to me and enjoyed without regrets. On the way home the regrets came forward anyway. When I got home I almost cancelled the appointment with Shari for my weekly weigh-in. Due to the muscle mass I had gained, my body kept burning all the extra food I was taking in over the holidays. I only gained one pound and was positively shocked! It was easy getting back on track with the program. I still have some weight to lose, but I now have the tools and knowledge to do so.
Thank you Shari for your help and support.
Therese ”

– Therese

“I’ll admit it; I was a sugar addict! When Shari sent me home with my Nutrition Program, I was dreading the first few weeks of dropping sugar. I was pleasantly surprised when it wasn’t that tough! In fact, the meal plan was plentiful, I was never hungry, and I didn’t even miss those Apple Fritters! The weight came off 2-3 pounds every week and it was interesting to learn about the body composition test (fat vs muscle percentages). Shari’s program taught me about the right things to eat. The combination of nuts/seeds, beans, and oils were an important part of the food plan, it wasn’t just vegetables and fish! I would recommend Shari’s program to anyone who wishes to become more healthy, lose weight, and is frustrated by the fad diet plans that aren’t working. Thanks for your knowledge and support, Shari!”

– Danae Walsh

“I would like to think I am aware of what I put into my body and have a pretty good balance, but at some point I felt like I lost my way. With Shari’s help I added to my knowledge of healthy clean eating, portion sizes and the food groups necessary to keep me fueled and ready to take on my day. With dedication and accountability I lost about 10lbs in 3 weeks and I feel great on the road to my goal weight! Thanks Shari for all of your support!”

– L. Brown

“I have been very happy with the results of Shari’s coaching. By following her suggestions I am only 2 pounds away from my goal of losing 20 pounds. I have a lot more energy than I used to. I haven’t really started exercising as regularly as I should, this is just following her balanced diet plan as closely as I can. Thanks ever so much for your help.”

– Darla Rousch

“I have been afflicted with a rare lung condition called sarcoidosis for the last 7 years. The typical treatment has been daily intake of various inhalers and prednisone (a nasty steroid wonder drug).

2012 saw a significant “flare up” of my condition and I was instructed to take the prednisone as needed by my family doctor and lung specialist. Although I was not ingesting large quantities of the drug, the prolonged use and the various side effects were becoming a serious concern. It was suggested by a friend that I seek the recommendations of a nutritionist which led me to you.

After our initial consultation in August/September, we began monitoring my daily food intake and then you prescribed a new diet, free from dairy products, potatoes, tomatoes, and red peppers. You further instructed me to eliminate my consumption of energy drinks (something I already knew but the point was reinforced). In addition I radically reduced my consumption of pop and have increased my intake of fruit juices and water.

You also recommended daily intake of proteins in the form of smoothies and Juice Plus whole foods based supplements. While my water intake is still not what it should be, I’m doing much better than ever and I continue to improve.

The results of changing my diet have been very well received. I have not had any prednisone since early August, my lungs feel healthier and I have more and sustained stamina while participating in sports such as hockey, volleyball and car racing. In addition I was able to lose 5 lbs., am sleeping better and generally have more energy.

As an aside, I have fallen completely off the program a couple of times and filled myself with pop and junk food. Those results have been nothing short of amazing as well. Within 30 minutes of indulging in a meal of “crap”, I have felt like garbage, with loss of breath (requiring the immediate requirement for rescue inhalers due to wheezing), loss of energy, generally tired and lethargic after only one meal. This has served as an excellent reminder to stay on track.

To this point I’m feeling much better and have renewed confidence that I can survive longer and with a greater quality of life by managing my diet and striving to further improve the type and quality of the foods that I eat. Thank you very, very much for all your help, direction and understanding of the my condition and the process that one goes through while changing their diet to improve the quality of life. If any of your patients or clients wish to discuss my results, please feel free to provide my contact information as I have no trouble whatsoever recommending your treatment and services.”

– Mike Wright

“I went through a six-week nutrition plan with Shari with the goal of losing 10-15 pounds. The program was quite straight forward and it kept me accountable by having a weekly visit. I appreciated how Shari guided me through the process and encouraged me along the way, as well as provided me with a variety of different ideas to incorporate into my healthy eating lifestyle. By the end of the program, I felt much better, my tight clothes were fitting me once again, and I had indeed lost the weight I had set out to do. I’m writing this review more than two months later, and I was originally nervous of yo-yo’ing back to my old weight but that has not happened. I continue to eat healthy foods on a regular basis (I’ve never eaten so many yummy vegetables in my life) and have built a pattern / routine into my life that I hope will continue forward.”


“My husband and I decided to get motivated and lose some weight as we were both feeling horrible and needed to make some changes. We had heard about this program called First Line Therapy and once we found Shari, we were instantly committed. Shari made our lifestyle change a success story with her support and encouragement. With both of us losing weight and with Shari providing her guidance and nutritional wisdom, Shari showed us the benefits of a balanced diet and the value of exercise and the need to focus on both. Life throws us many challenges and when we slip a little, it’s very easy to get back to the basics that we have learned. We both thank you Shari from the bottom of our hearts to getting us on track and providing to us all of your wonderful tips and recipes – A healthier lifestyle is a journey, not a destination.”

-T&D Hall

“I had been working out to lose weight for my wedding without much success. Shari helped me get my weight back on track by providing me with a healthy eating strategy and teaching me to make better nutritional choices. She worked with my challenging work schedule and provided support from a distance. I feel fantastic and have so much more energy! Thank you so much for helping me look and feel great for my wedding!”

– Kelcie Weir

“I worked with Shari for nearly 4 months and during that time she was able to really kick start a new outlook on a healthy living program. I initially went to Shari for help with weight loss but it became apparent to me after just a few sessions that she had a whole nutritional outlook that was new to me. It was eye opening to really grasp how important a part nutrition played in my day to day well being. Her knowledge about food combinations and food nutrition taught me a lot and I soon began to change the way I looked at processed foods.

Shari provided me with an optimal setting to share my food misconceptions as well as coaching me on lifestyle choices. She really gave me the whole picture of health and that was invaluable. From the recipes she sent to the support she provided, it was no wonder that my weight loss goals finally started to become a reality. I now understand why supplements are important as well as proper exercise and sleep. Shari is a wonderful person to work with. Her compassion for her clients is genuine and she has made a huge impact on my life. ”

– Sue Milledge-Fawkes

“After years of watching my weight creep up, to a point where my physical and mental health was being affected, I knew I needed professional help. With Shari’s help and guidance in restructuring my eating habits, I have seen a tremendous improvement in my weight and health. Shari’s knowledge and guidance have been nothing short of tremendous. Shari, I appreciate all of your time and effort in improving my health.”

– Mario

“Thank you for all your help guiding me towards my weight loss goals! With your guidance I have successfully changed my once poor eating habits and have begun to fuel my body with the nutrients it needs. The recipes, meal ideas and support you have provided over the last 4 weeks have been great.”

– Sarah Temush

“I have been very impressed with Shari’s knowledge of nutrition and she has been very supportive when it comes to my health issues. Even more so, her recommendations have resolved ongoing problems I have had with my digestive system & bowels. I have seen doctors and other practitioners who have not been able to help me. I am very thankful for Shari’s help and I’m very happy that I finally feel better. There has also been a huge improvement in my hair, skin and energy. It’s better now than ever. She’s great!!”

– Denise Staples

“I was so impressed with the immediate results I achieved after implementing Shari’s recommendations that I also had her do an assessment on my 5 year old son who was having severe behaviour outbursts. Not only did the strategies we implemented with my son make a huge improvement but Shari proved her true desire to help him and referred us to an allergy specialist. Shari goes above and beyond any health care professional I have ever seen. Thank you so much for improving the health and well being of me and my family!”

– Kari Rose, RMT

“I was referred to Shari by my massage therapist after a year of challenges with my health. I am so pleased with the time I have spent with her! Her passion for health and wellness is complimented by her vast knowledge of nutrition and supplements – her direction has made me feel so much better! I plan on keeping her on my roster of health care professionals for many years to come!”

– Nadine

“I would like to give a thumbs up for how Shari worked with me toward the liver cleanse. I did a 10 day cleanse that was not easy but was not hard. I did lose 9 lbs in the 10 days as well my blood pressure dropped from 129/81 to 102/66. I think we need to clean the toxins from our body. Thanks Shari”

– Arnold Thompson

“I had recently made a big change in my diet and career, and unexpectedly put on 15 lbs in the process. I initially came to Shari for advice on how to get the most nutritious diet for my lifestyle, and decided her weight management program might be a good idea to get back on track. It definitely did the trick! It was just the catalyst I needed to get back to a cleaner way of eating, and over the course of a couple of months I lost 12 lbs. A bonus of the program is that we were able to see a decrease in percent fat and an increase in muscle mass. Most importantly, all of my clothes fit again, so I’m not stuck wearing the same handful of stretchy outfits! Recommended for anyone who needs a kickstart, it’s great to have someone ‘on your team’ while you’re making lifestyle changes.”

– Jane

“Shari’s program helped me to develop a better understanding of proper nutrition and the importance of a balanced diet. To be honest, I had trouble sticking to the program exactly, but I still saw results with the changes I’ve made as a result of Shari’s counseling. I’ve lost 25 pounds and I feel great. Most importantly, I’ve learned to make healthier choices and to pay more attention to how food affects my body. My focus has been more on creating a sustainable healthy lifestyle for myself, but it definitely feels good to be dropping pounds as a result! Thanks, Shari.”

– Amy